Amy Horne – Year 11, Queensland

“When reflecting upon the past three years of boarding, the biggest thing I am able to appreciate is the relationships I have created. From boarding residents, heads of houses, cleaners, kitchen staff and most importantly friends I can confidently say that together we have created a family.”

“The connection from one boarder to another is a unique bond that I cherish very closely.”

“I think that the biggest thing I will be able to take with me when I leave school is my ability to be resilient. Although boarding gets tough sometimes, at the end of the day every girl I live with has the ability to bounce back and make the most of the facilities and opportunities we are presented with.”

Angus Argent-Smith – Year 7, Rankins Springs

“One of the biggest challenges as a Year 7 boarder is missing home and my parents and also having to look after myself. The boarding staff are all very caring and the teachers mostly understand boarders and know what we are going through.”

“Boarding school provides so many opportunities, activities and different people you will meet. It is the best way to grow personally and build lots of skills like confidence, taking care of yourself and learning to be planned and organised.”

Alexandra Lindsay, Year 12 and Charlotte Lindsay, Year 10, Tottenham

Sisters who have been boarding for 4 years from Tottenham

“Being a boarder at Scots All Saints College is like the big sleepover with your friends that I imagined it would be.”

“I am currently in year 12 completing my HSC and have been boarding for 4 years. My sister and I started boarding at the same time, Charlotte being in year 7 and myself in year 9. Starting at the same time made boarding much easier because we had each other. We came from a small school at Tottenham and coming to Scots All Saints has given us a much wider range of opportunities.”

“Going to school away from home has been challenging because it’s a different lifestyle routine to being at home with your family. These routines take some getting used to but now it’s the new norm. Boarding is a great way to learn to become independent and live for yourself. When these times get challenging, it’s always easy to chat to your friends about it because they know what it’s like as they are living the same way.

“My parents have taught me a lot about resilience through the drought. Whenever times get tough they bounce back and keep pushing on through it. This is a great life skill to have especially when you finish school and your out on your own in the big wide world.

“Being a boarder gives you so many more opportunities such as making larger and stronger friendships that will last a lifetime, becoming independent and standing on your own two feet and becoming resilient. Being apart of a boarding community is one of the best things you can do and the bond of the boarding friendships will last a lifetime.”

Madison Ford – Year 10, West Wyalong

“Sometimes I get homesick but in my favour, Scots All Saints lets me agist my horse at school so I can gain a sense of connection to home when I’m with her. I have had my horses with me at school since I started and find it so reassuring to have something as close to my heart as them to experience the journey with me. If I am having a tough day or just need a sense of relief, I can go down and ride or even just sit and watch the horses and I automatically feel reassured. Having the opportunity to ride around with friends who share the same passion with you is a true privilege and the relationships in which you make are such a treasure.

“The relationships that you create here is amazing and the girls you get to live with end up being a true part of your family. You can tell them absolutely everything and they always have your back.

“I’m really glad that Mum and Dad chose to let me come to Scots All Saints College. It really is like a home away from home and I love that I’m can expand my knowledge in an agricultural environment with my friends.”

Ben Radford – Year 10 and sister, Alice Year 9, Tottenham

Third generation boarder

“I knew some others from my area who were boarding here which made it easier when I started boarding 3 years ago. Being here with your mates makes it enjoyable.”

Harriett Mitchell – Year 10, Bourke

Harriet’s two older brothers boarded at the College and now her younger sister, Charlotte, Year 7

“Coming to a regional city puts you out of your comfort zone but allows you to grow and develop as a person with support around you and provides so many more opportunities to learn and be involved.”

Dylan Boniface – Year 10, Pennant Hills

“My time as Scots All Saints College has been extremely positive and helped me grow as a student and as an individual. From the get go the merge has raised the bar for the standard, granting more opportunities and creating a new community.

“Personally, the quality of the performing arts has greatly increased my engagement and willingness to participate in school life. With 2 large scale productions in two years, it is evident that the arts is flourishing, despite the unfortunate cancellation of Annie due to COVID-19.

“The handling of the COVID situation was rocky at the start, with government and school policies changing on a daily basis to keep us safe.  With the introduction of online schooling and non-compulsory attendance to day school, the situation was able to be managed to the best of the schools ability. I am glad to be back, and more appreciative of my friends and boarding than ever before, with the community flourishing, despite the quarantine blues.

“Finally, I am glad that sporting opportunities are able to go forth, with new activities that are still fun active and engaging.”

If you know anyone who may be interested in giving boarding a try, please contact our Registrar, Mrs Lisa Ellery on 6333 4726.

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