Senior School & Boarding

Senior School Campus

Senior School Campus, on the Sydney-side east of Bathurst offers a dedicated space for senior students to learn and thrive with Senior School and Boarding (7 – 12).

The 133 acre site offers students an education in a pleasant rural setting. The students have a wonderful environment in which to grow, learn and explore. The teachers are committed to their development and seek to give them a rich experience.

Deputy Head (K-12) Teaching and Learning

Ms Tracey Leaf

pleasant rural setting


The 133 acre site offers students excellence in education within a pleasant rural setting.

campus features

  • Administration Building Karralee House

    Our historic main building was built in 1874. It housed the original Scots Branch School and is now used as the administration office.

  • Aikman Hall

    Opened in 1975 and named in honour of Mr Michael Aikman (1967-73)and is used for school assemblies and functions, music and theatre events.

  • Swimming Pool

    Opened in 2012. Our 25 metre indoor pool is fully heated and has seating for spectators.

  • Tim Richards Pavillion

    The Pavillion is used for sporting events and includes change facilities, a meeting room and a kitchen.

  • Adrian Lamrock Performing Arts Centre (PAC)

    The PAC includes a small performance auditorium as well as two specialist classrooms used for music and drama lessons. Private lessons are held in the PAC and the specialised practice rooms. Private lessons are available (Please contact Mr Jon Clipsham for details).

  • Hunter Sports Centre

    Hunter Sports Centre includes basketball and volley ball courts, change rooms and a classroom.

  • Cameron Library

    The Senior School Library has a wide range of electronic and hard copy resources for student use. Specially designed spaces are available for private study.

  • Sporting Ovals

    Scots Campus has a number of ovals, including The Old Boys' Oval, The Main Oval, McKibbin Oval and Lee Street Oval.

  • Three Boarding Houses

    Boys and girls from Years 9 to 12 are housed in three separate and recently renovated boarding houses. These are Thompson House for boys (7-12), Galloway House for Girls (7-10) and Ives House for Senior Girls (11-12).

  • Wenona Agriculture Centre

    Dedicated classrooms and learning space for Agriculture and Primary Industries students adjoining the campus farm.

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