A new era for Scots All Saints College past students

Scots All Saints College is committed to working in partnership with members from the TSSOBGA and OBU to archive and display important records, memorabilia and documents in education museums on both Campuses.

New alumni

The inaugural meeting of the Interim Committee of the Scots All Saints Past Students’ Association was held in September 2021. The Interim Committee has representatives of all past groups and the new generation of Scots All Saints College students (almost 300 will have graduated 2018-2021).

The members of the Interim Committee are:

Ms Gabrielle Boshier
Ms Natalia Burgess
Mr John Cranfield
Mr Harry Dickenson
Mr Bradley Gardiner
Mrs Gemma Green
Mr Stuart Green
Mr Tim Hector
Mr Michael Inwood
Mrs Amanda Kemp (Chair)
Mr Gordon Larkings
Mr Andrew Maher (Archivists)
Mrs Memory Sanders (Archivists)
Mr Tim Sargeant
Mr Gordon Thompson (Memberships and Communications)

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significant heritage and culture

Scots All Saints College seeks to preserve the significant heritage and culture of the combined schools of The Scots School, Bathurst and Lithgow and All Saints’ College, Bathurst incorporating Marsden School from March 1977. With a combined history or over 218 years, thousands of past students have been educated through the College. There is a vast and diverse amount of dedicated people who have a deep and passionate connection to the College and continue to support the College through volunteerism, archives, fundraising, networks, involvement as mentors and guest speakers to engage with current students and their families.

old bathurstians union (OBU)

Established over 144 years ago, All Saints’ College was one of the very first Independent Schools this side of the Blue Mountains. In fact, apart from The Kings School and Sydney Grammar, All Saints’ College is one of the oldest Independent Schools in NSW.

With the introduction of co-education in January 1977 and the merger with Marsden School in March 1977, since then, 2923 students have graduated from All Saints’ College to make outstanding contributions within the community and corporate world in the fields of medicine, entertainment, law, agriculture, sports, finance and international organisations.

The newly constructed Bean and Long Commemorative wall on All Saints Campus is a tribute by the OBU to commemorate the outstanding contribution of past students including All Saints’ Old Boys, Charles Bean and Gavin Long who served during The Great War (WWI) and WWII respectively. Bean and Long made significant contribution to the war efforts. The new wall acknowledges their role in shaping the College’s history and shaping this very important part of Australian history.

The OBU continues to have an active involvement in the College and has an executive team of volunteers.

Executive President – John Cranfield

Vice President – Tim Sargeant

Treasurer – Rosemary Amos

Secretary – Memory Sanders

Please find us on Facebook @AllSaintsOBU

The Old Bathurstians’ Museum

Dick Crossing – Memories from the Past

The ANZAC Project – and subsequent conflicts

Obituary – Rudi Salter

The Scots School Old Boys and Girls Association (OBGA)

The Scots College, Bellevue Hill Sydney leased Karralee in 1942 to evacuate its primary students after the Japanese submarines came into Sydney Harbour during WWII. The Scots College Branch School remained until the end of 1945 when it returned to Sydney. The Trustees of the Presbyterian Church of New South Wales decided to continue the successful School after the war’s end and so The Scots School Bathurst was born when the Trustees purchased the property from William Arnott in 1946.

The School evolved over the past seventy-two years with the introduction of co-education and the Preparatory School in 1997 and Pre-Kindergarten in 2000. A Scots School Lithgow campus was opened in 2006 catering for Pre-Kindergarten through to Year 6. The school has enjoyed a reputation as being a school for the children of the Central West of New South Wales and many other parts of the state. It has also welcomed students from a number of countries around the Asia-Pacific rim. It has maintained a good academic record, strong sporting and co-curricular activities and is particularly known for its award-winning Pipes and Drums which were formed in the late 1950s.

The Scots School Old Boys and Girls Association (OBGA) has approximately 4800 members and continues to maintain strong ties with the school. Its AGM is the day before the Highland Gathering and has two whole school events during the year and class reunions on a regular basis.

President – Gordan Larkings

Vice President – Ms Tess McPhee

Secretary – Andrew Maher

Please find us on Facebook @ScotsSchoolBathurstOBAOGA

The Scots Museum

The Foundation Ltd

The Foundation was established in 1979 and has been intimately involved in supporting the College Mission in maintaining its long history of educational excellence. The Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors comprising donors from the College community. The Board of Directors comprises elected members from each Membership level and meets regularly each year. The Board (as Trustees) manages investments in the Building, Education and Bequest Funds, and raises money through pledges, gifts and bequests.

For further information about the aims, achievements and membership, please click below:

The Foundation Ltd

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