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The aims of the Association include:

  • To work collaboratively with the purpose of assisting the College to achieve its aim of providing an educational environment of the highest standard by volunteering time and contributing to fundraising efforts.
  • To support and promote the College in its Vision and Mission.
  • To strengthen the relationship, build interest and goodwill between the College, its supporters and the wider community.
  • To act as a liaison between Parents and the College in matters to do with broad College policy and the advancement of the College.
  • To provide a forum where Parents can pose questions, express concerns and seek clarification regarding College policy and management.
  • To assist in providing facilities and equipment for the benefit of the students at the College through fundraising activities.

There are a number of Committees of the P&F and all parents and friends of the College community are welcome to get involved in various activities to support the College with fundraising activities, community events and sporting programs.

For more information please contact:


Immediate Past President: Grant Baker – 0418 112 855        email –

At the annual AGM held on Wednesday 21 October 2020, the P&F Executive and Committee members were elected as follows:


  • President – Current Vacancy
  • Vice President – Gemma Green
  • Treasurer – Natalie Cranston
  • Secretary – Lee Knight

Committee Members:

  • Olga Burgess
  • Tonia Cox
  • Annabel Hillsdon
  • Melanie Jacobsen
  • Beth Jeffries
  • Rebecca McCudden
  • Sue Rogers
  • Sandra Sharpham

P&F Meeting Dates 2021

Next P and F Meeting – Wednesday 10 February at 5:30 pm to be held in the Kemmis Building, Campus West (Saints) and by Zoom video conference

All parents and carers welcome. Please RSVP to secretary. for Zoom video conference logon details.

Download a PDF copy of the planned 2021 P and F Meeting dates


Gem Green – 0427 103 747

P&F Handbook P&F Constitution

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