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Scots All Saints College house names will be referred by the surname of famous Australians. The house names, house colours and the first Senior School House Captains are as follows:



(1933- ) is a former Australian cricketer who played in 29 Tests from 1961 to 1966. He also represented Australia in Hockey including at the 1956 Melbourne Olympics.  He was a school teacher and teacher educator at Sydney Teachers’ College in his professional life. Brian Booth was a devout Christian and an Anglican lay-preacher, described by one journalist in this way: “If a prize were offered for fair play and sportsmanship among Australia’s post-war cricketers, Brian Booth ought to win it hands down.”

Value: Sportsmanship & fair play

First House Captains: Genevieve Gates & Maurice Otutaha

House colour: Green


(1861-1932) Former Member of the Western Australian Legislative Assembly, Edith Cowan OBE was an Australian social reformer who worked for the rights and welfare of women and children. She is best known as the first Australian woman to serve as a member of parliament. She was a true Australian pioneer in many ways. She was active in the Anglican Church and was the first female member of the Anglican Social Questions Committee.

Value: Champion for people’s rights

First House Captains: Isabella Siegart & Andrew Knox

House colour: Purple


(1938-2017) was an Australian athlete who won four gold medals at the Melbourne and Tokyo Olympics in the 100m, 200M and 400M events.  She was known as Australia’s Golden Girl. In later life Betty Cuthbert developed multiple sclerosis. She was helped in her struggle with the disease by her strong Christian faith, and used her public profile to support other sufferers from the condition, and assisted in the founding of MS Research Australia.

Value: Service to others

First House Captains: Abigail Miller & Connor Manton

House colour: Yellow


(1907-1993) was a doctor, and a member of the Presbyterian Church. He played Rugby Union for the Wallabies in wins against the All Blacks in the Bledisloe Cup. In 1935 he joined the Army Medical Corps. His unit was sent to Java, where he was captured by the Japanese. In prison camps at Changi and on the Burma railway he was notable for his work in treating sick and dying POWs with whatever resources he could gather. After the war he was publicly involved in a number of health, welfare and educational organisations, and in promoting reconciliation with the Japanese.

Value: Service to others

First House Captains: Mackenzie Rose-Honeysett & Will Schoenmaker

House colour: Aqua blue



(1882-1952) had the brilliant brain of a scientist but is remembered for making one of the most courageous solo journeys by any Australian adventurer. In 1911, he headed south to chart the Antarctic coastline. But on a dangerous trek tragedy struck. One of his partners plummeted down an ice crevasse and the other died from physical exertion. Mawson was left alone 850km from base camp. On his brutal journey back he slipped down a crevasse but managed to haul himself to safety. For 30 days he battled frostbite and hunger as the whipping wind tried to break his spirit. Finally, he reached supplies and his miraculous escape became news around the world.

Value: Courage & Determination

First House Captains: Brooke Webb & Scott Mawhood

House colour: Orange

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