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Music at Scots All Saints College is the space to be. The space to create, compose, sing, perform, explore, record, listen and move.

Our extensive music program, whatever your child’s journey, will captivate and nurture their love of music.

We start the year with over 40 weekly ensembles and choirs, 220 individual music lessons from 28 staff across more than 100 performances.

Learn an instrument

We believe every student at our College should have the opportunity to explore music through learning an instrument of their choice and experience the fun of playing in ensembles.

Research indicates that students who participate in music enhance not only their musical aptitude but also their academic capacity. Scots All Saints College supports students in their pursuit of academic excellence by making it possible for them to participate in lessons on a weekly timetable across the school day to reduce disruption to other classes.

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Hire an instrument

Scots All Saints College hires musical instruments to all students in the ensemble program. All Year 2-4 students will participate in our inclusive program and receive information and their instruments in the opening weeks of Term 1.
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Middle & Senior School co-curricular

The Middle and Senior School Co-Curricular Music Program enables students to explore and develop their musical skills and ideas in a range of open and auditioned ensembles. Regular performances and tours enable our students to play instruments, sing in choirs and work in small contemporary bands. Highly competent Junior School students are also invited to join the program, at the discretion of the Coordinator of Prep-8 Music.

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space to create

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