Every School Term, Year 11 and 12 elective music students have the opportunity to participate in a collective and collaborative Major Project. These masterpieces showcase individual talents of each musician and combine their skills into a video performance. The teamwork, skills and capabilities of students are enhanced by their efforts as they excel with one another to build the work. The results are truly remarkable and the program encourages a high quality outcome.

Term 1 2020 – ‘The Weight’

25 students from Year 11 and 12 elective music have applied Social Learning Theory across Term 1 2020 to create a masterpiece. Recorded across 24 locations on our beautiful campuses, the project features each student and a range of instruments. Can you identify them all?

Teamwork, creativity and high levels of technical skills have been applied to create this work. ‘The Weight’ captures a moment in our College and celebrates the many talented Performing Arts students.

Take a moment to indulge and share the wonderful musical talents presented here Scots All Saints College.

Mr Jonathan Clipsham | Director of Performing Arts Academy

For more information about the Scots All Saints College Performing Arts Academy visit: https://scotsallsaints.nsw.edu.au/our-college/performing-arts-academy/

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