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Scots All Saints College aims to develop a student wellbeing and pastoral care within the Christian faith and based on the benefits of positive psychology.

Our student wellbeing program aims to:

  • Support and care for our students as they grow and develop from childhood to adulthood
  • Teach students pro-social attitudes
  • Assist students to attain skills to deal with conflict, disappointment, failure and other negative emotions
  • To build self-esteem and self-efficacy
  • To give students the knowledge and skills to deal with anxiety, stress, depression
  • To build self-confident people who flourish

A number of best practice programs will be considered for the Scots All Saints College environment from 2019 including:

  • Positive Psychology
  • Kids Matter
  • Bounce Back!
  • You Can Do it!

Introducing Positive Psychology

We are delighted to welcome leading international author, speaker and Managing Director of the Positive Psychology Institute and CEO of APPLI Dr Paula Robinson who will be working with staff and parents about the science of Positive Education to help build habits of wellbeing at school, work, and life.

Dr Paula Robinson has worked with over 500 schools throughout Southeast Asia and Australia and Scots All Saints College is delighted to be the first college within the Central West region to adopt this new ethos into its student wellbeing and pastoral care approach.

Dr Paula Robinson said harnessing positive energy in our daily lives can have profound benefits on mental health which should be a priority for every school and family.

To discover more about Dr Paula Robinson, please view her bio:


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