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Scots All Saints College, Bathurst is an affordable and accessible independent day and boarding school close to home. Centrally located for all rural areas and only a short drive from Sydney, we welcome you to make your mark as part of the thriving Bathurst regional community.

“Parents and carers often ask: ‘How will I get my child to school?’  Now the answer is simple with direct, private, safe and secure College bus services for our students from the Orange, Blayney, Millthorpe and Lithgow regions. There are also a number of local bus companies in and around Bathurst to bring students to our school so transport is easy and convenient for students seeking to join our College community.”                   Head of College, Mr John Weeks

Take a private Scots All Saints College bus to our Bathurst campuses

Scots All Saints College has expanded its private bus fleet to transport current and new students travelling from Lithgow and the surrounding district to its Bathurst campuses – All Saints Campus (Junior and Middle School – K-8) and Scots Campus (Senior School 9-12).

The new Lithgow to Bathurst College bus service is in addition to other private College bus services already transporting students from Orange, Millthorpe, Blayney and surrounding villages to Scots All Saints College.

Scots All Saints College buses provide a private, safe, clean, secure and comfortable way for our students to travel to and from school each day with their classmates with limited stops and without needing to change buses along the way. This service is a value add for families living in the towns and villages around Bathurst providing a convenient, hassle-free, direct bus service for greater peace of mind.

Many of parents comment that they are reassured by the bus driver being an employee of the school and they know their children will safely get to school. In fact, as the bus is a part of the College, the moment their child steps onto the bus, they are effectively at school! This is a big advantage for parents and students travelling to our campuses and they are well looked after.

The College has recently purchased a brand new 57 seater coach is fitted with the latest safety features including Automatic Emergency Brake System and Lane Departure Warning System. Both systems provide the operator and passengers an increased level of safety. The whole Scots All Saints College community will benefit from the new coach which can be made available for excursions, camps and weekend representative sports matches.

Please find the timetables below. To book a spot on the bus and enrol your child, please contact our team on 6333 4726.


“The provision of a direct bus service provided by Scots All Saints College for families east of Bathurst through to Lithgow is wonderful! It reduces travel times and is a particular benefit to families with students in Junior or Middle School, as these younger students get escorted across Bathurst to the All Saints Campus without having to change bus.” Mrs Linda Scott, Mum from Lithgow area

“It has been wonderful to have ease of mind that our daughter, Charlotte, is able to take a private College bus to attend school in Bathurst. The bus looks great and it is great that this safe option has been put in place for the students of the Lithgow area. Charlotte loves catching this new comfortable bus and particularly likes having Linda as her bus driver. Linda is great and it is lovely to have this personalised service where students are safe and cared for.” Mrs Elizabeth Bennett, Mum from Lithgow area

Scots All Saints College bus timetables

Lithgow Bus Timetable

Orange, Blayney, Millthorpe Bus Timetable

Transport between Bathurst campuses

Take a Local bus

Local Bus information

Additional transport information for boarders

Our team is happy to assist with transport arrangements for boarders. As Bathurst is centrally located only 2.5 hours drive from Sydney and close to home for Dubbo, there are a number of options available by road, rail or even flights from Bathurst or Orange airports.

Here are a few helpful links:

Cityrail bookings and information

Cityrail Bathurst to Sydney times (Bathurst Bullet and Bullet 2.0)

Sydney (Central) to Bathurst – Sundays


6:35 am – XPT arrives Bathurst 10:54am (Bookings required)
Cityrail train to Lithgow; Trainlink Coach Bookings required) Lithgow to Bathurst:
12:24 pm (arrives Bathurst 4:25 pm)
4:18 pm (arrives Bathurst 8:20 pm)

CITYRAIL (Opal Card required)

Bathurst “Bullet” services
Depart Central 3:05 pm, arrive Bathurst 6:52 pm
Depart Central 5:51 pm, arrive Bathurst 9:33 pm.

Bathurst to Sydney

TRAINLINK (Bookings required)


Friday and Saturday Departs Bathurst 5:05 pm (Friday) 5:21 pm (Saturday), Arrives Central 9:44 pm
Saturday- Trainlink coach to Lithgow; Cityrail Lithgow to Sydney.
Departs from Bathurst: 10:05 am, arrives Central 2:41 pm
Departs from Bathurst: 11:55 am, arrives Central 4:41 pm

CITYRAIL (Opal Card)

Depart Bathurst 6:07 am, arrive Sydney 9:44 am
Depart Bathurst 7:40 am, arrive Sydney 11:18 am

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