bring your own device

Scots All Saints College have a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) information technology platform at the College for students in the Middle School (7 – 8) and the Senior School (9 – 12) . Under the BYOD Program, students in Years 7-12 bring their own laptop for use in all classes as an aid to their learning. The BYOD Program allows students easy access to our core ICT products:

  • Canvas Learning Management System – a place for students, teachers and parents to connect and collaborate, and a central ‘portal’ for assessment tasks, learning tools, discussions and lesson content.
  • Microsoft Education tools that allow digital inking and the recent advancements of Microsoft in education

Students’ use of technology and communication devices has become normalised to the extent that many already have, and are extremely comfortable using multiple devices available to them at home and on the move. Our information technology offering builds on the natural affinity today’s students enjoy with technology. Additionally, the College environment should replicate the post-secondary experience with technology and lead to a smoother transition to further study or the workplace.

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