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Visual Arts

Prompted by these unprecedented times and with most students learning from home please join us and engage in our Virtual Art exhibitions as we take our love of art and learning to you our college community and beyond by going Virtual!

Middle School Visual Arts

Year 5-8

The Middle School Visual Arts Department at Scots All Saints College, invests in our students with an appreciation for the riches of the art world. We aim to unlock every student’s creative skills and capacities through hands-on practical experiences that explore traditional and contemporary art making ideas.

Through fun and dynamic lessons; knowledge and skills of the Visual Arts are explored and investigated. In this, students enjoy practical and conceptual autonomy in their abilities to represent ideas through art. They also develop an understanding and value of the arts and the different beliefs that affect meaning and significance in their own experience.

A creative learning continuum begins in Year 5, building on their Junior School experiences and knowledge. Students engage in practical and conceptual opportunities to make informed choices, as they experiment with and are taught technical applications of the many expressive forms in art making.

From Year 5, through to Year 8, all Visual Art programs are designed to empower students with confidence and insights to resolve their art making process with a clear understanding of visual aesthetics. Students learn the important role art plays in their social, cultural and spiritual lives, building and nurturing the whole student and their wellbeing as independent and creative learners.

From this firm foundation formed in Middle School, they are equipped to enter the Senior college where Visual Arts learning continuum, carries on and fosters an interest and enjoyment in the making and studying of art.

We hope you enjoy this Virtual Exhibition and Gallery space celebrating the wonderful artworks of our Middle School Visual Arts Students here at Scots All Saints College.

Current Exhibitions


Year 11 Bridging the divide between Art and Craft

Year 10 This Is Who I Am

Year 7 Appropriation Nation Student Artworks

Year 7 Traditional & Digital Landscapes

Year 8 Synthetic Cubism

Year 8 Vanitas Photography

Year 8 Clay Skulls

Year 7 Site Specific Installations

Year 8 Hundertwasser Inspired Landscapes

Year 7 Self Portrait Gallery

Year 5 Crazy Faces Gallery

Year 5 Mandala Impressions Gallery

Year 6 Portrait Gallery

Year 6 Tim Storrier Inspired Artwork


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