Director of Agricultural Studies and Equestrian

Mrs Libby Dawes

Not every school is fortunate to have a working farm on campus where students have an opportunity to build confidence, leadership and expertise in managing and breeding livestock. Students involved in equestrian can bring their horse to the College campus to live in paddocks next to the Boarding houses.

I have had the privilege to run both the cattle show team and equestrian team on Scots Campus for the past 10 years. I say “privilege” as I get to work with the most amazing students and their families.

The students from Year 9 to 12 who chose to be involved in the cattle team come from diverse backgrounds. From large farming properties to students from inner Sydney, some students are very experienced while others have never set foot or even seen a set of cattle yards. To watch them develop their animal handling skills and confidence together with leadership skills, is very rewarding. To see students step completely out of their comfort zone and try something new is inspiring. New friendships are developed with other students who have the same interest and they rely on each other as coaches and mentors to groom their livestock ready to represent the College at country show days and the Sydney Royal Easter Show. Most of the families get involved and many parents come along to training to assist. Our cattle team becomes one big happy ‘family’ which I am very proud of.

Having showed cattle when I was at school and university, I developed a love for all things farming (and in particular, cattle) from a young age. Since leaving school, I have been showing cattle for 26 years. I have been involved in both showing stud cattle, along with hoof and hook competitions. I have a passion for Limousin cattle and if I didn’t show cattle with the students, I would be out showing myself. Students are fortunate to be able to show and succeed with cattle that have been bred at the College. It is most rewarding to share my love of cattle and horses with students who have the same passion and interests as me – something I do not take for granted. I always loved junior paraders when I was younger and also did alot of junior judging. This allowed me to do some judging at small country shows along the way. I enjoy the challenge of improving the genetics of our cattle and showing in carcase competitions allows for great feedback on our improvement. This knowledge and experience is shared with students so they can adopt the learnings in their own family farms or down the track.

The Scots All Saints College Equestrian team is made up of a great range of talents. We have students who are just starting out and students who are very experienced. They all enjoy different disciplines within equestrian ranging from polocrosse, camp drafting, sporting, show jumping, dressage. There are even opportunities to get involved in a bit of everything.

Just like our students, I am equally committed to equestrian, regularly competing in eventing, show jumping and dressage. Both my children are serious competitors with my son concentrating on eventing while my daughter competes in show jumping (regularly competing in Juniors (120cm-125cm). Between myself and my children, we are away most weekends competing – a lot of travel but a lot of fun. We breed our own competition horses as well with my current 2 horses being homebred.  I train my horse most days (I normally ride one or two before school each morning). My current horses are “Donald’ who is doing Elementary Dressage and is just starting out in show jumping and eventing. My daughter and I also share a lovely young warmblood we bred ‘Poppy’ who is starting her show jumping career this year. I myself, have just begun breaking in our youngest home bred warmblood gelding ‘Walter’. Many people would say I am a little obsessive with my horses and I probably agree – it is in my ‘blood’!!


Scots All Saints College

Mrs Libby Dawes

Director of Agricultural Studies and Equestrian

“It is most rewarding to share my love of cattle and horses with students who have the same passion and interests as me – something I do not take for granted.”

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